lead magnet implementation

I have been considering to imply lead magnet on my website to collect email addresses. Then, with the help of automation, I want to send them a product demo invitation. 
When do you think is the right time to send the invitation? 

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Martha replied 10 months ago
Email marketing platforms to capture leads

Hello, I have a slightly old email list. I am thinking to upload and revive it but it’s several thousand strong. 
Is there any platform that allows me to upload 10,000 to 20,000 emails if they are in a google drive? 

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David replied 11 months ago
Email marketing platforms?

Hello, I am new in the field of email marketing. Can anybody tell me which email marketing platforms allow white labeling? Thanks in advance 

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Michael replied 11 months ago
Best Email Alternative

Need Help in Email Marketing, I am looking for some free alternatives to MailChimp or Aweber? What do you think works well?

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Nicholas replied 1 year ago
Should I consider Email marketing or skip it?

Hello, Guys, I want to know if email marketing is still as powerful as it was in the last few years? If yes what is the best platform to consider?

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Jose replied 1 year ago
GDPR & Email Marketing

Do you think email marketing can be affected by the EU GDPR?

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James replied 1 year ago
How to Enhance Email Open Rate?

Is there a way to increase the open rate in email marketing?

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Ryan replied 1 year ago
Lead Conversion Through Email marketing

How can I convert leads through email marketing?

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Luis replied 1 year ago
Email Marketing Tools

What are some best low-cost email marketing tools I can use for lead conversion?

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Alexandera replied 1 year ago