AMP is good or bad?

I have a small lifestyle blog hosted in a VPS environment. The website speed is quite good, loading below 3 sec. Now what wondering me is Google AMP. is it necessary to have google AMP to rank higher? And also, if it is going to be compulsory in the future, why not now? 

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Thomas replied 1 year ago
Subscription box businesses

 It seems like in the last few years, a lot of subscription box businesses seemed to have died off with the exception of industry leaders like LootCrate, BarkBox, Etc. Do you think this business model is still lucrative? 

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James replied 1 year ago
how much to spend on Google AdWords

Just wondering...Let's say I allocate a budget of $5 on something.Let's assume the average PPC for mortgages is something crazy like $50.
So... realistically, I shouldn't get a chance at all??Will Google 'use' my $5? 

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Caleb replied 1 year ago
Ways to optimize google shopping campaigns

Hello, Can anybody guide me about how I can optimize google shopping campaigns effectively?

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Jose replied 1 year ago
Google Marketing Analytics

Can anybody tell how are analytics used at Google marketing?

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Alexandera replied 1 year ago