Desktop or mobile which converts more

I am running bing ads to make money online system and I've read to cut out mobile traffic and just use the desktop as it will give me better sales conversions on the front end.
True or False? If I do desktop only, traffic is more expensive but will be worth it if it converts better, etc.

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rameez replied 1 year ago
Newest way to earn organic traffic for my website

I am looking for some smart and the newest ways to increase organic traffic on a website? Do you know any? Does social media have to do anything with that?

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Nicholas replied 1 year ago
How to target audience on facebook ads

I am running Facebook ads, but the results are not up to the mark. I think I am messing up with the audience targeting. which audience should I focus on targeting? A specific audience that is easy to convert? 

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Thomas replied 1 year ago
Twitter Vs Facebook

Which one o you think is more powerful? more useful? and which one people use more?

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Laila replied 1 year ago
How to find hashtag for twitter

Hi, Need quick info about while I am trying to promote something on Twitter, how can I be able to find best suitable hashtag to use?

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Jose replied 1 year ago
Best time to post on social media

What is the best time to post on social media?

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Alexandera replied 1 year ago
Facebook Vs Instagram

Which one is more engaging Medium in terms of social marketing

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Michael replied 1 year ago
Trouble empathizing with the social market

I really am having trouble empathizing with the market. I am not an average consumer and don't think like them. How can I?

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Caleb replied 1 year ago